Sunday, 1 August 2010

twEATS competition and NVA's Harvest Festival coming soon!

Central Station announced last week that they'd be holding a number of events as part of NVA's Harvest festival, this August.

One of the events, twEATs is going to be a live event where a chef is going to be revealing a recipe, step by step on Twitter with people in their homes following the instructions.

There's also going to be a Jam Wall where jam-makers will be invited to bring along jars of their jams and enter them into a 3d installation, inspired by pantone charts. Reminds me of Mahala's work in final year...

Central Station is also putting together a recipe book/ newspaper/ publication with recipes to encourage people to cook with locally grown produce. They launched a competition calling artists, foodies and creatives and submit illustrated recipes to be features in the publication. I've been working on two recipes, one wasn't quite enough as I really enjoy making instructions!

H x

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  1. Looking swell!
    Congratulations on winning the central station/ fest TWEATs comp, can't wait to see what beautiful work you come up with next.