Monday, 23 August 2010

tasty france

I just got back from a fantastic week long family holiday in the south of France, lots and lots of fun, and i realise I seem to of take mostly pictures of food - and mostly on other peoples cameras- I'll add more when I've gathered them up. Here's a wee selection......

Violette Mustard- comes with the popes' blessing.
There were loads of fruit trees and brambles and berries growing in the country side where we stayed, great for foraging- loads of plums and apples and nuts and berries and wild herbs and sunflowers everywhere it was brilliant. I'm such a muncher. Here's a wee pudding we made out of found treats.

Mmmm 70's food chic

Good luck to Hilary who has been working flat out for the past two weeks on a recipe book for Harvest Fest in Glasgow this weekend, Hope you can get some sleep and can't wait to see the results :)

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