Sunday, 30 May 2010

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Calling all north-easties!

I'm doing a workshop with Iain Gildea and Peacock Visual Arts in Banff on sunday. There's still places so pop along!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

More Pictures....

Here's a couple of fuzzy photographs from down Drouthy's basement on Monday night, a big high five to Nikki, Lauren and Jen for all their hard work and organisational skills, and to all the other makers, it looked pure dead brilliant, and I was delighted to be involved.

It's fired up mine and Hilary's pie enthusiasm again, so we'll be sorting out an online shop in the very near future where you can purchase all types of edible/wearable treats including ceramic transfers, and a custom-made pies in the post!

And we've got a few more tricks in the pipe line too, so we'll be keeping you all posted about those too.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Big Top Jamboree hits Dundee

Last night Mahala and I had a stand at the Big Top Jamboree at Drouthy's in Dundee. Incase you don't know much about it, the Jamboree nights started off as a one-off event held at a bar in Dundee that was closing down. Jen, Nikki and Lauren did a really amazing job of promoting and organising music and getting together the makers with just 5 days notice.

This time the girls had been organising and putting the even together for a good few month so there was even more to see and do this time including music, visuals, workshops, and lots of really talented makers and illustrator showcasing and selling their wares and also lots of cakes and treats for sale, very tasty, thanks Nikki!

Preparation underway

Making labels for mini pies on a stick.

Richard came too!

Mahala and I baked some mini pies-on-a-stick earlier that day and we sold out at the event. It was a really good night and we both managed to sell so much. I bought some zines and a pair of Nikki and Danni's awesome Tights for Sore Eyes. More to post about that later.

Thanks all so much to Nikki, Jen and Lauren and to all the people and makers who made the night a big success!

p.s. Mahala's post will follow shortly, with better photos!
H x