Friday, 31 August 2012

Create:Eat is here....

Last night I meet with collaborators from Create:Eat, (at the delightful Last Word Saloon) an amazing project thought up by the amazingly talented duo Aoife and Carol of Jelly and Gin. Create:Eat is going to be a dining extravaganza, In their own words -

The idea is simple, take 25 collaborators: designers, chefs, mixologists, food and drink producers, food and drink retailers, artists, chocolatiers, coffee experts, photographers and film-makers. Ask each of them to donate a skill or an item that will contribute to a spectacular dining experience. Joining these people at the table will be another 25 paying guests whose contribution will have ensured that this amazing and unique dining experience takes place.

All set up in a gothic church in the heart of Edinburgh this will be a feast for all the senses. Taking place on the 19th of October, something very special will be kicking off and I'm very very excited to be involved!

There are 5 tickets left for the event priced £100 and also on sale are very special Create: Eat tote bags £20 in one bag are 2 tickets for the night!

How it all began.