Tuesday, 26 January 2010

thinking and burning toast

Mahala has been experimenting with beetroot printing, now I'm trying painting onto toast. It's done by painting water onto the bread before toasting so I'll find out how it turns out in a few minutes.

We're playing around with ideas just now, so it's hard to come up with something concrete. But we last spoke about packaging...though the branding side isn't what we're going to look at we're thinking more about they way it's presented, they way it looks and what you can do with food as a thing to eat and to explore. I'm kind of thinking back about how the kids in the study (mentioned previously) have grown up, conditioned to think that fast-food packaging and branding makes something tastier but why not just make the food itself more visually appealing and enjoy the natural colours and textures of food.

Oh damn. While I was writing this the toast burned and that was my last slice of bread. I'm going to try this again tomorrow morning. In that case, here's some scans from my sketchbook.

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