Monday, 19 July 2010

Project from Brite Collective and Eating is Art- EAT MY STORY

A project about sharing stories and memories through food and cooking...

The rules were as follows:

"Share a short story with the group (150 words or less).
Pick and bring pizza ingredients to the event that will tell you story.
Come to Via Tribunali the day of the event. Pick someone else's story at random.
Interpret that person's story on the pizza using their ingredients (adding or subtracting as necessary)...lotsa room for creativity here.
Cook your creation to perfection at 1000 degrees F in Via Tribunali's wood fired oven.
Share your the story and pizza with group...drink vino...converse...revel...enjoy."

Nice concept.

Brite Collective is based in Seattle and they get together to organise community projects and social events.

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